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Coach K
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Hi guys! Thought I'd announce that MagCon is coming up on April 11-12. Last year I remember seeing some of you guys playing a Sailing Game there. If any of you are interested in Lord of the Rings, I'm bringing my massive Helm's Deep there at 3pm on Saturday. I have enough room for 6 players, so register for it early using warhorn from the magcon website. I don't like GW rules too much so I use the old Warlord rules from the 1980s. Definitly beer and pretzel level/easy to learn and lots of fun. I last ran this game at MillenniumCon about 3 years ago, so I'm excited to get this one out again. http://www.magcon.org/the-lord-of-the-rings---battle-of-helms-deep.html. Hope to see some of you there. Richard

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