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For Broadside Friday game day, I'll be bringing X-Wing to continue our Point of No Return campaign game w/ the CR90 Corvette. See July blog post for more info.


Commander Joe Phillips of the Empire has selected the 75 point Imperial Force.


Captain Jonus/TIE Bomber (22) When another friendly ship at Range 1 attacks with a secondary weapon, it may reroll up to 2 attach dice.



Proton Torpedoes (4)



Squad Leader (2)




Scimitar Squadron Pilot/TIE Bomber (16) When attacking at Range 1, you may change 1 of your hit results to a critical hit.



Cluster Missles (4)




Winged Gundark /TIE Fighter (15)




Academy Pilot/TIE Fighter (12)


If anyone wants to design a 75 point Rebel force for the game, post it up here or bring it aboard.


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