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Mind the Gap, Mind the Gap

Posted by Andy on February 20, 2017 at 2:10 AM

There has, unfortunately, been a period of several months over the past year where blog articles haven't been written covering the games we've played at our monthly get togethers.  I only recently (over this past holiday) completed my own after-action report for our July game of Black Ops.

There are a number of reasons for this gap in blog coverage.  Laziness/procrastination on my part, apathy on the part of the other guys who have run games over this period of time, or an uncertainty on peoples part on what to write or how to write it.

So I figured it's now a new year and time to catch up and start 2017 off on a better foot when it comes to blog articles/after action reports.  Therefore, here is a short recap of what happened on our game nights for August through November, 2016.  Following this, I'll write a new article for our Not This Christmas game that was played in December and I'll encourage Rob to write us an article for the CY6 Pacific action we saw at January's game night.  Having skipped February because of OwlCon, that will then see us caught up and ready to go full tilt in March.

Stock Cars: Rubbin' is Racin' - August 2016

Ever wanted to drive a race car? In August you could, when Brian hosted a game of "Win or Go Home", the new rules from Two Hour Wargames (aka: THW Game Design).  In this game you can do whatever it takes to be first under the checkered flag, but be sure not to wreck your car doing it!   You plan your passes, pit stops, and even bumping other drivers who get in the way.  With these rules, you are always part of the race, and are making important decisions every turn.

Unfortunately, there were no photos taken of this event and we're not sure who all was in attendance, but from what Brian has told me, everyone had a good time.



Roman Seas - September 2016

Larry treated us to a first - ancient warfare on the Mediterranean Sea, using his paper biremes and triremes and the Roman Seas rules.  We all gained a new appreciation for this rule set and for this age of sea battles, which saw a lot of the boats coming together, grappling, and divolving into a lot of hand-to-hand boarding actions.  Near the end of the game it really did look like land combat across an archipelego of grappled vessels.  We all had a great time and I look forward to playing this again.

Larry didn't come forth with a blog article but we did take a few cell phone photos and the rest of those can be found here.


Zombie Night - October 2016

We returned to one of our annual themes with a revisit to a possible apocalytic near future with the ongoing zombie outbreak in Elbonia. Following on from last year's adventure, where Dr. Evil and his personal staff had escaped Kantwellabu airport in a commandeered Lear jet, the notorious group now found itself exiting from the crashed plane, not far from a known regional secret lair.

Some of Dr. Evil's staff from the nearby secret lair were out looking for him, with the hopes of escorting him to safety.  Meanwhile, local smugglers and other survivors, and countless zombies, were out in force to try and stop Dr. Evil from reaching his goal.  In the end we all had a fantastic time and, with the aid of some allies, Dr. Evil and several of his henchmen were able to reach the safety of the lair, however, I believe Number One sacrificed himself to make it possible for Dr. Evil to survive.

Rob never wrote up an article after the game, but we took plenty of pictures of the cool looking table and countless undead and they can be found here.

Great War in the Skies - November 2016

Stephen and Joe hosted another yearly tradition - our WWI tribute ala Wings of War.  It was circa November 1916, as we paid homage to the 100th anniversary of the conclusion of the Battle of the Somme.  In addition to the standard rules, we used some house rules that Steve and Joe have used over the years (no infinity clips in your machine gun magazines and you don't have an unlimited fuel supply!).

At one point, after my ally had been shot down, there were three pilots flying against little old me!!  Needless to say, I didn't survive that battle.

No after action blog article was written but nine photos are up here.

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