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Battle of Rock Ridge

Posted by Rob on June 9, 2016 at 11:20 AM

In May, the B&P group finally ran a Western skirmish game.  This has been a long time coming considering we've been playing games for 6 years and never done a western game...

I pulled out the Great Escape Games rules Dead Man's Hand and issued a call for everyone to bring their own gang of figures and any western terrain.

Some of us have been slowly acquiring some of the MDF laser cut terrain from 4Ground and we had plenty of terrain show up.

Mark from New Orleans brought some very nice figures of US Cavalry and Mexican Banditos.  Andy ran a Pinkerton detective game, Stephen had renegade Apaches, Larry + son took the US Cavalry and the town Sheriff, Mark ran his Banditos, Joe ran some Outlaws while I took some equally dastardly Desperados.

DMH is designed as a two-player game and once again, B&P had to completely scale-up a massive 7-way fight!  We never do things small in Texas.

Highlights of the fights that I can recall (I'm getting to be an old-timer these days).

The Pinkertons moved on quickly getting a gang move bonus.  They caught the Apaches in the side and started a gun battle on one side of town.  Meanwhile at the other end of Rock Ridge, the Sheriff and US Cavalry decided that Mexican bandits had no business being in town and started a fight in the street.  Joe's Outlaws decided to take rifle shots at anyone in the street and caught a few exposed Sheriff deputies and Apaches and gunned them down.  Joe was holed up in the hotel in the center of town, enjoying some companionship w/ the locals.  My Desparadoes decided to sneak in the building next to the hotel and had some gunfire w/ Joe's guy on the roof and some Pinkertons that moved up.

At one point Joe demonstrated the effectiveness of a double barreled shotgun blast to one of my Desparadoes, and someone played a stumble card on another of my guys as he tried to jump from a window onto the hotel balcony.  He died in the resulting fall to the street.

Joe grabbed a barmaid as a human shield when I rushed into the hotel.  Being a desparado gang, I just shot the hostage w/out blinking an eye.

There was lots of mayhem going on.  We all enjoyed the card play mechanic that allowed for cinematic moves that you see in the Western movies but aren't written into most rule sets (out of ammo, stumble/fall, etc.).

It's bloody, figures die.  We each took half size gangs (11 pts) since we had 7 players and the system worked well.  I think we will continue to paint new gangs and assemble more buildings for more Western action using DMH.

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