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Rome is Not Burning

Posted by Rob on March 30, 2013 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (0)

In March, our game host Ed Jablonski put on a great game of Ogre/GEV from back in the day.

Scenario involved a selection of a new Pope in Rome with the PanEuropean force holding onto Rome and a Combine force mounting an assault.  Victory conditions were all about having the most infantry in Rome.

Each force had 2 Ogres to start and variable reinforcements that could be selected from a short-list.

The Combine opened up the attack with an Ogre Mk. III escorting a heavy and super-heavy tank force and GEV APCs.  The Ogre led the attack on Rome and was met by the PanEuro Ogre.  On the outskirts of Rome, a lighter force of GEV APCs and infantry pushed out a small speed-bump PanEuro infantry force.

The PanEuro first reinforcements were heavy tanks followed by mixed GEV and Lt. GEVs light force operating in three squadrons.  The PanEuro tank force advanced to Rome w/ riding infantry with a mission to drop them off and then join the Ogre Mk. IV in the defense of Rome. 

The GEVs scooted by Rome just before the Combine force closed and went off to engage the lighter Combine forces.

Two separate fronts then played out.  The Combine main attack was constricted by terrain and the GEV APCs and Ogre pushed ahead of the heavy & super-heavy tanks.  The PanEuro heavy tanks engaged the GEV APCs with significant results.  The PanEuro GEV force eliminated several Combine GEV APCs and were able to shoot 'n scoot to good effect and never faced any return fire.

After preliminary missile fire from both Ogres which resulted in the destruction of several outlying areas of Rome and one of the laser tower fixed defenses; the two Ogres began a slug-fest for several turns.  After scoring much destruction on the Combine GEV APCs, the PanEuro Hvy tank squadron was engaged and largely destroyed by the Combine tank forces; but they had done their job of eliminating the GEV APCs. 

The Combine tank forced advanced to the edge of Rome, but a PanEuro Mark III Ogre had arrived and a battery of PanEuro mobile howitzers was in supporting range to engage the Combine forces.  PanEuro infantry units had been shuttling into Rome from the rear areas on a small PanEuro GEV APC force and were not about to be dislodged by the relatively few Combine infantry units advancing on Rome from the light forces area and would be harrassed by PanEuro GEVs the entire way in.

We called the game at this point as a PanEuro victory.  Rome was not going to fall to the Combine forces on this attack.  A new Pope had not been selected yet and the Vatican cruise missile was not a factor in the game.  We all caught on to the old Ogre/GEV rules like riding a bicycle and enjoyed playing with Ed's substantial collection.  Thanks Ed!