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Wings of War - November 2014

Posted by Andy on February 18, 2015 at 2:25 AM Comments comments (0)

In the interest of catching up with the blog posts, I'm going to take this opportunity to turn back the clock and revisit, briefly, via pictures, what happened at our Wings of War battle last November.

Brian, Chris, Stephen and I were in attendance for our WWI aeroplane tribute to Veterans/Remembrance/Armistice Day.  We each dropped down a pair of planes from my collection and flew and fought until there was a clear winning side.

Brian and I flew the Germans while Chris and Stephen flew the Allies.  In the end the Germans held the field, and pretty handidly won the battle, with the loss or departure of all the Allied planes, and no loss (but plenty of danage) to the Germans.

Attention to Orders

Posted by Rob on June 2, 2013 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (1)


As I heard these words, I thought back on the mission that I had narrowly survived.  What a cluster...  There were 8 of us that went in.  It was supposed to be a 'milk run' to hit some of the Egytian troops near Refidim.  This was the third day of Operation Moked and we were winning!  What happened?  I never saw such good flying by the Egyptians.

Everything was going fine. Giora said this would be a great day to get some more kills.  Oh Giora, what happend?  It must have been the shrapnel wound he had only two days ago.  Made him a little crazy.  The Commanders loved him, we all loved him.  A true natural pilot and oh how he could fly.

105 Squadron's Super Mystere's went in first, dropped their bombs and got some hits.  One of the Super Mysteres got dropped by some AAA right away.  That should have told us this was not going to be our day.  Then some MiGs popped up, perfectly bracketing 105 Squadron to the front and rear.  One of the 105 squadron pilots shouted out that he recognized them as the newer MiG-19 types right before he fire-balled from a deflection shot.  No chute.

Giora led our section of Mirages into a power dive to assist our attack pilot brothers.  He said to ignore the ground targets and to get some MiGs roundels painted onto our aircraft.  Oh he was so confident yesterday.  I pulled in behind him and was shocked when suddenly, a fireball from his aircraft and then he was gone....  The MiG that got Giora immediately fireballed too when Giora's wingman took him out with a savage scream over the radio.  We were all stunned at that point.

But there were still MiGs all over, and the Super Mysteres were running for home with MiG calls cluttering the radio.  One by one I saw the rest of 105 Squadron go down.  Avi and I pulled Immelmans over the top of Giora's smoking grave and ran for home using all our afterburners and diving to the deck.  Two MiG-17s came after us with similar moves and took shots until they probably ran out of ammunition.  I was upset that we were running but silently agreed with Avi this was the time to egress and fight another day.  Avi did not make it.  The MiGs choose to concentrate on him.  No chute.  I mourn for you Avraham. Why you and not me?  Giora...  105 Squadron friends...  As the triple silver Captain bars are pinned on, I wonder what is the next mission for me?  Will I meet those same Egyptians the next time up?  Who were they?  How were they so well trained?


We had a great crowd out last month for a continuation of the Six Day War mini-campaign from the CY6 book Star and Pyramid.  Nine pilots took to the skies and Andy's buddy, Andrew, took some amazing photos with the best lighting equipment and camera we have ever seen.  All pilots quickly mastered the mechanics and we got down to it.  Scenario was Giora's Shahak from the S&P book.  It's a cool scenario, basically an egress game with the attack pilots dropping bombs on Turn 1 and then trying to escape with escort fighters coming in to help.  I doubled the ground targets, defenses, attack, escort, and intercepting pilots as we basically had twice the number of players as the original scenario calls for.  AAA fire was incredibly accurate, getting a quick kill, and then started shooting solely at Egyptian aircraft but luckly for them missing from then on.  The MiG dice were hot as witnessed by a green MiG-19 flaming veteran Giora Ram in a head-to-head shot.  If you play this game enough you will eventually see almost anything possible happen.  Unfortunately the victorous Egyptian MiG pilot did not live to celebrate his kill. 

Score of the game was 44-8 in Egypt's favor, mainly due to the high points for aircraft kills (Giora's alone was worth 12 points).  Current campaign score after 4 games is 74-31 in Egypts favor again.  This Six Day War may have a shorter duration. 

Another bonus discovery during our game is that Steven H. has an amazing painted aircraft collection.  He said his best paintbrush is his credit card!  We decided to try Yom Kippur War or Iran/Iraq in our next Jets outing with his aircraft to move the weapons technology forward and try out some radar missiles and ECM.

Looking forward to the next modern-Africa outing in the Wubaqi Chronicles later in June.

Wild Weasels over Vietnam

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We had a great crowd out Monday Feb. 20 to visit with Phong on his visit back from Buffalo, NY.  He brought a whole collection of Vietnam era jets to run a CY6! - Jet Age scenario set around a Wild Weasel mission in the 1967 Rolling Thunder period.

The USAF had x2 F-105 Thuds w/ Shrikes and bombs, and x4 F-4 Phantoms, half w/ bombs (Iron Hand) and half w/ missiles-only (MiGCAP).  The PVAF had a section of x2 MiG-17s, and another of x1 each MiG-17 and MiG-21 to defend a SA-2 site w/ lots of AAA.

The Iron Hand Phantoms and Thuds arrived first at low-altitude (to hide from SAM radar) and bore in on the target.  The MiGs arrived soon after and the 17/21 section tangled with the Thuds early, while the 17 element had a head-on intercept and poured on the gas to close range.

The missile fire was less than effective.  The SA-2 got off 6 shots at various targets and missed every time.  The Thuds fired x3 Shrikes at the SAM site and they all malfunctioned.  Phantoms fired off some Sparrow AIM-7s which also malfunctioned.  The USAF players were not pleased with the McNamara's decision not to put a gun in the F-4D model.

The AAA scored well, but there was LOTS of it.  Hits on aircraft included both Thuds, a Phantom, and a MiG-21!  In the end game, a MiG-17 gunned an egressing Phantom for a kill and the wounded Thud didn't make a successful egress due to engine damage and MiG-17s nearby.  The damaged Thud and x3 surviving Phantoms poured on the gas and burned back to their bases in Thailand.

  We all enjoyed the game and are very appreciative of Phong for bringing these Vietnam jets to Houston and hosting the game.  Pictures of the game are in the Photo Gallery.  This was a special event to catch Phong on his annual visit to Houston.  Next Monday night we resume Convoy HG-84 as it struggles to get to Liverpool through the last of the wolfpacks.

Sinai Strike!

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We met for another playtest scenario in soon-to-be-released (July 2011) Star & Pyramid book for CY6!-Jet Age on Cinco de Mayo.  In respect for the Mexican celebration, lots of Dos Equis was consumed with this guy.

Our game featured Egyptians on a ground attack mission over the Sinai on day 4 of the 6 Day War (June 8, 1967).  MiG-21s with multiple rocket packs targeted IDF ground troops w/ some Lt. AAA defenses with MiG-17 bombers in trail.  A pair of Mirages were the only help for the grunts.

Barry and Brian flew the MiG-21 sections and launched immediate rocket attacks on the troops.  The Mirages were piloted by Andy and Phong and entered from the Northern flank in a special variable setup which got the action going fast.  I entered with the MiG-17s on bombing runs later in the game.

First blood went to the Israeli Mirages when Andy got one of Barry's MiGs with a gun-kill.  A general furball dogfight commenced over the troop positions with occaisonal snap-shots and strafe attacks.  Four troop positions were hit by rockets or strafing attacks, and Barry shot down Andy's Mirage later in the game.

We played past the official end turn (T10) to a natural conclusion.  The highlight was Phong's Mirage getting a Shafrir missile kill at maximum range against one of Brian's unsuspecting MiG-21s. 

Phong paid for this success when Barry's MiG-17 got a head-to-head gun shot on the Mirage a turn later before heading home.

We enjoyed the chance for the Egyptians to go on the offense.  Official game score was 11-2 Egypt with a mini-campaign score after 3 games is 30-23 Egyptian lead.

Scoresheet updated in the Documents section of the site.

6-Day War in April

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We had a great turnout on April 18 for our second playtest of the Six Day War mini-campaign from the new CY6!-Jet Age book Star & Pyramid.

The Israeli's mounted their first-strike against the Egyptian airfields on June 5, 1967 as part of Operation Moked.  This scenario setting was the strike on Al Thamada airfield and began after two flights of Ouragons completed their bombing run and a flight of Mirages w/ bombs were inbound.

The airfield was beginning to goto alert, and three MiG-21s launched off the airfield into the middle of the dogfight.  The Mirages arrived late (scenario variable rule), but traded altitude for speed and used afterburner to make up the time.  The inexperienced green pilot missed the airfield w/ bombs, but Veteran pilot Dan Sever hit the mark, and then pilot adjusted coming off the bomb run to get into point-blank position behind a MiG-21 for the first kill of the day.

The dogfight swirled around Al Thamada as the remaining two MiGs were chased around by a swarm of Ouragons itching to fire some guns.  Dan Sever flew his Mirage around, collecting MiG kills, but not before the final MiG got an Atoll missile shot off into an unsuspecting Ouragon for a direct hit kill.  The Egyptians at the base saw three of their own fall for one Israeli attack plane.

Final score 17-4 for an Israeli victory.  Campaign summary is 21-19 favoring Israel. 

See all the Photos from the game in the Gallery.

Next up on May 5 is an Egyptian counter-attack on Israeli troops in the Sinai.

6-Day War in March

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Thrs. March 24th saw 8 of us out at Stag's Head Pub for a night of air combat, NCAA Sweet 16 basketball, and beer.

The setting was before the 6-Day War, in November 1966.  An Israeli Piper Super Cub was patrolling over the border when x4 MiG-19s crossed over to engage it.  Israeli Mirages arrived and a scrap began at low level over the Sinai.

The Egyptians won a strong victory in this first mini-campaign scenario.  Two Mirages and the Piper Super Cub went down for an exchange of two MiG-19s.  The Eqyptians came out far ahead (15-4) due to the lower point values for MiG kills compared to Mirage kills.

All kills were with guns, the early-missiles of this period cannot be launched after extreme turns or special maneuvers which really restricts their engagement.  Afterall, there's no kill like a gun kill...

Check out the new photo album for the game in the Photo Gallery, and the Mini-Campaign score sheet in the Documents area. 

Our next Mini-Campaign playtest is scheduled for Monday April 18th at Stag's Head Pub.  This will be an Israeli attack on Kabrit airfield in Egypt on June 5, 1967.