Houston Beer and Pretzel

Beer and Wargaming...Pretzels?...Not so much...

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Mon. 4/27 7:00 PM OGRE/GEV/Shockwave! The Battle for Emden 2085! hosted by Ed Strategic Situation: This past summer the Paneuropeans have just completed their new heavy OGRE Mk VI production complex located in the city of Emden. Despite the fact that it is incredibly heavily defended, the Combine High Command h... more
Mon. 5/25 7:00 PM He Who Dares, Wins D Squadron, 22 SAS has a mission... Fast-rope into Gberi Bana, rescue the hostages, then back to the pub for pints all around. Nevermind those West Side Boys who are causing trouble all over Elbonia. Come join us for some 28mm modern desert action. ... more
Mon. 6/22 7:00 PM Return to Elbonia Join us for our annual return to modern day Elbonia, Western Africa. In a region rich with history and historic sites, it is no surprise that from time to time, to this very day, ancient artifacts are still uncovered. When one of the modern world's... more
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