Houston Beer and Pretzel

Beer and Wargaming...Pretzels?...Not so much...

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Sat. 9/20 9:00 AM A Wargame in the Museum “To a wargamer,” writes Greg Costikyan in the collection Tabletop: Analog Game Design, “wargames are not abstract, time-wasting pastimes, like other games, but representative of the real. . . . You can learn something from wargames;... more
Mon. 9/22 7:00 PM Stake Through the Heart The Pakistani attempt to take control of the disputed Kashmir region, Operation Grand Slam began with an attack by 12th Division (Infantry) into the Chamb sector. In danger of losing the strategic position, which would isolate southwest Kashmir, the... more
Fri. 10/10
Sun. 10/12
All day Texas BROADSIDE! 2014

Come join us for wargaming aboard USS TEXAS (BB-35)

Visit our dedicated website for more information.

Mon. 10/27 7:00 PM House of Pain As bad as things were in the US and Europe during the initial Revenant Outbreak, conditions in third world countries were infinitely more hellish. In occupied nations, Coalition forces often found themselves forced to fortify their positions and hop... more
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