Houston Beer and Pretzel

Beer and Wargaming...Pretzels?...Not so much...

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Mon. 4/28 7:00 PM Finding Majestic In one of the great disasters of our time, RMS MAJESTIC is attacked, crashes, and sinks over the mid-Atlantic. With her went a secret so important that nations will stop at nothing to recover it. Join us for the next chapter in our VSF saga. [... more
Mon. 5/26 7:00 PM March 1795 - The Battle of Cape Noli Described by Patty Griffith as “an indecisive action . . . fought out by somewhat minor admirals,” it may have prevented the French invasion of Corsica by over a year. It is also a fleet battle where the French lost two ships of the lin... more
Mon. 7/28 7:00 PM Beer & Pretzels Series: The Napoleonic Wars Come join us to try a new rule set, published by Everyday Wargames. www.everydaywargames.com [IMAGE] This rules set is designed for battalion-level Napoleonic war gaming engagements. Many 15mm wargames are extremely cumbersome to learn, nee... more
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