Houston Beer and Pretzel

Beer and Wargaming...Pretzels?...Not so much...

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Mon. 2/23 7:00 PM France 1944 by Daniel

1/300th scale.  Armour and Infantry Battle.  New Rules by Daniel T Shaw.

Mon. 3/23 7:00 PM Cold War Gone Hot Join us for our 5th birthday celebration, as we return to late 19th century Europe and witness the strife between the nations, as international tempers flare to the point of breaking. Aeronefs and Ironclads clash as war breaks out on the Continen... more
Mon. 6/22 7:00 PM Return to Elbonia

Join us for our annual return to the jungles and deserts of Elbonia, in Western Africa.

Scenario and rules TBD.

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