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Point of No Return - Part 3

Posted by Rob on May 9, 2015 at 5:30 PM

To celebrate May the Fourth Be With You on May 4th, we ran our third installment of the X-Wing miniatures game Point of No Return campaign game centered on the CR90 Correllian Corvette expansion pack.

But what happened in the second mission?  A long time ago...the second installment was played last October aboard the USS Texas at Texas Broadside convention.  We played mission T2a: Refuelling Ambush where the CR90 is refuelling at a station sympathetic to the Rebels when a TIE patrol drops by. 

The Corvette is still attached to the fueling container but has a few Rebel ships nearby to help defend.  In the game, the Corvette took on fuel for 3 turns before breaking off the fuel container before the Imperials were able to destroy it.  Some TIE Bombers attacked the Corvette from the front and Sontir Fel was destroyed in the ensuing dogfight, eliminating the best Imperial pilot from future scenarios. 

Rebels won mission T2a.  A lot of kills were scored by the Corvette simply running over Imperials who got too close to the front-end of the Corvette and ended up smushed by the huge ship.  The surviving Imperials took their lesson in defeat to heart and came back ready for game 3.

Daniel, Andy, and Dan took the Imperials, while Steve and Joe flew Rebel escorts while I ran the Corvette's systems.  In this game, the Corvette did not maneuver, allowing the Imperials more flexibility in their attack plan.

Mission T3a: Satellite Uplink

The captain of the CR90 volunteered his services to the Rebellion and was assigned a mission to stay near a satellite cluster to intercept an Imperial transmission of the utmost importance.  Something about secret plans...

The Rebels had 4 X-Wings with Wedge Antilles (best pilot in the Rebel fleet), along w/ two Red squadron pilots, one rookie pilot, and a Y-Wing.  Our strategy was a forward defense w/ the Red squadron pilots and rookie out front w/ Wedge and the Y-Wing moving up the flank. 

The Imperials through everything on-line and rushed into the battle.

It became an attrition fight with the lead X-Wings getting knocked around by assault missiles fired by TIE Bombers and cluster missiles being fire by Maarek Stele in a TIE Advanced.

Wedge got pummeled and was out of the fight early leaving the Corvette to fend for itself as the escort was whittled away.  The satellites were providing energy to the Corvette and once the Imperials began taking down satellites, it was a road to victory for the Empire as the TIEs swarmed around the non-maneuvering Corvette w/out enough energy to power its weapons.  The primary weapon has a range of 3-5 allowing the Imperials immunity once at close range.

With the demise of Wedge, this evens up the pilot quality parity between Rebels and Empire for finale.  We'll finish the campaign with Mission 4: Minefield sometime this year and be ready to begin the Escape from Hoth campaign w/ the GR-75 Transport.

May the Force be With You...

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