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Point of No Return

Posted by Rob on September 13, 2014 at 9:20 PM

In July, we used an open night to start the X-Wing miniatures Point of No Return campaign that is included in the CR90 Corellian Corvette expansion pack.

I greatly prefer campaign or scenario games to the tournament style game, but your mileage may vary.  I've been eager to get this giant ship on the game table, and the release of Saint Arnold Bishop Barrel #7 provided the frosting on the glass for this month's game night.

The campaign consists of 4 linked scenarios w/ results of each game affecting the start of the next.  It's like a choose your own adventure book but w/ Star Wars miniatures!  The first scenario has the corvette carrying some 'contraband' and being intercepted by an Imperial patrol.  Of course a fight ensues, and the outcome is based on whether the Empire cripples either the fore or aft section by Turn 6.  From the FFG website: 

Things escalate quickly for a band of Rebel smugglers when their CR90 is intercepted by a patrol of TIE fighter pilots eager to enforce the Empire’s authoritarian directives. The Rebels must fight their way through the patrol, and they must also effect their escape before their ship suffers heavy damage. This mission pits a single CR90 against “Howlrunner” and five Black Squadron pilots, and it was designed to be a “training mission” of sorts, deliberately dropping players into the shallow end of the pool and allowing them to absorb the new rules for huge ships quickly and easily while battling against a familiar group of foes.

Barry, Joe, Andy, and Dan took the Imperials, while Andrew and I divided up the corvette's fore/aft section and managed the systems.  We figured out how to maneuver the corvette with it's new maneuver template and quickly got the hang of energy management.

Our basic strategy was to buy time, so we put all the asteroids on our side to break up the Imperial formations and cruised along parallel to the edge at optimum energy generating speed.  This allowed us to power up the maximum assortment of weapons and start rolling dice.  The TIE players were surprised we have a range 5 weapon (first in the game) but it proved fairly ineffective against 3 green/defense rolling TIE fighters w/ the +2 green dice for being at range 5.  Once the TIEs got in close, they discovered our blind spot Aft, and lack of short range weapons.  The damage began to pile up, shields getting stripped away by all that Imperial firepower.  We used energy to rebuild shielding which cut down on our offensive capability (no energy for weapons).

Once the TIEs made their initial attack run, the asteroids and the corvette started to cause collisions.  It was very entertaining to mush 2 TIE fighters into the corvette for minor/insignificant damage.

At the end, it was a close-run thing, but the corvette managed to make it to Turn 6 w/out crippling damage, so the Rebels will face the Imperials in the next campaign scenario w/ a slight advantage.

We are scheduled to play this game aboard USS Texas on the first/GM day of Texas BROADSIDE.  If you want to join us, sign up to run a game aboard Texas and see you on the ship on Oct. 10!

May the Force be with you...

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