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World War Z - Elbonia

Posted by Rob on October 31, 2014 at 3:05 PM

The collapse of civilization saw one platoon of USMC in Elbonia become a squad.

For the month of October, Beer & Pretzel club continues a Zombie theme which began in 2013.  For this outing, Andy used Ambush Z which are the Zombie rules for Force on Force.  He setup a scenario featuring a platoon of very lonely USMC holding a defensive wall in a small village in Elbonia.  Part of a US health mission to 'cure the outbreak'.  Sound familiar?

The local Elbonians were turning into undead, and a small local militia was trying to get into the 'secure USMC perimeter' while surrounded by very undead and hungry locals.

Chris T. played the Elbonian militia, Joe P. took the USMC, while I tried to eat lots of brains.

Game began w/ Andy displaying his freshly painted Zombies from Rebel Minis, supplied by Bobe's Hobby at Broadside.  Kudos to Andy for 1. having a baby daughter earlier in the month, 2. running a successful gaming convention aboard USS Texas, and 3. hosting a game w/ lots of newly painted minis all in the same month!

The sound of gunfire attracted a zombie herd initially to Chris, who rushed a gang into a building near the Marines line and tried to fortify the upstairs/roof.  Another gang took this as a good idea and ran into another building, only to find an entire group of Biters/Walkers/Zeds waiting inside who promptly ate them for afternoon snack.  Militia at this point decided prioriity was more on survival than joining the Marines.

The Marines had 3 squads online w/ a sniper team and just started to engage, when a lucky event card caused a sandstorm to hit the village which dropped visibility to night conditions and effected their engagement range.  This did not bother the Zombies who kept trudging toward the sound of the guns.

Eventually, the Zombies started the hit the Marines' wall in the center and were gunned down in large numbers.  As time went on, the Zombie's troop quality increased due to their frenzy which made them harder to fight against. 

Once a large enough herd clustered on the center, they broke through and destroyed one fireteam.  At this point, a reinforcing militia unit had comandeered a troop transport truck and drove through the herd with a plan to fire out the back.  Resulting reaction tests had a few Zombies jump onto the truck and fought the occupants to a man.  Final result was the driver of the truck escaping away with one undead Zombie in the back trying to break into the driver compartment.

The large herd over the wall swung to their right in a successful reaction test and closed with the next Marine squad before they could fire and another close combat was won by the Zombies.  We called the game at this point as the sniper team and last USMC squad would be executing a retrograde maneuver after seeing what a herd can do at close quarters and without the advantage of ranged fire or distance.

Some more militia and civilians were trapped within the town by more Zombies so this hotspot will be part of the no-go zone in Elbonia for quite some time.

Thanks to Andy and the players for having some Halloween fun.  More pictures are in the Photo Gallery.

Next year I might try something in 28mm w/ my Zombie horde and using Zombies by GASLIGHT rules.

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