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Sinai Strike!

Posted by Rob on May 7, 2011 at 8:35 PM

We met for another playtest scenario in soon-to-be-released (July 2011) Star & Pyramid book for CY6!-Jet Age on Cinco de Mayo.  In respect for the Mexican celebration, lots of Dos Equis was consumed with this guy.

Our game featured Egyptians on a ground attack mission over the Sinai on day 4 of the 6 Day War (June 8, 1967).  MiG-21s with multiple rocket packs targeted IDF ground troops w/ some Lt. AAA defenses with MiG-17 bombers in trail.  A pair of Mirages were the only help for the grunts.

Barry and Brian flew the MiG-21 sections and launched immediate rocket attacks on the troops.  The Mirages were piloted by Andy and Phong and entered from the Northern flank in a special variable setup which got the action going fast.  I entered with the MiG-17s on bombing runs later in the game.

First blood went to the Israeli Mirages when Andy got one of Barry's MiGs with a gun-kill.  A general furball dogfight commenced over the troop positions with occaisonal snap-shots and strafe attacks.  Four troop positions were hit by rockets or strafing attacks, and Barry shot down Andy's Mirage later in the game.

We played past the official end turn (T10) to a natural conclusion.  The highlight was Phong's Mirage getting a Shafrir missile kill at maximum range against one of Brian's unsuspecting MiG-21s. 

Phong paid for this success when Barry's MiG-17 got a head-to-head gun shot on the Mirage a turn later before heading home.

We enjoyed the chance for the Egyptians to go on the offense.  Official game score was 11-2 Egypt with a mini-campaign score after 3 games is 30-23 Egyptian lead.

Scoresheet updated in the Documents section of the site.

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