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6-Day War in April

Posted by Rob on April 25, 2011 at 1:35 AM

We had a great turnout on April 18 for our second playtest of the Six Day War mini-campaign from the new CY6!-Jet Age book Star & Pyramid.

The Israeli's mounted their first-strike against the Egyptian airfields on June 5, 1967 as part of Operation Moked.  This scenario setting was the strike on Al Thamada airfield and began after two flights of Ouragons completed their bombing run and a flight of Mirages w/ bombs were inbound.

The airfield was beginning to goto alert, and three MiG-21s launched off the airfield into the middle of the dogfight.  The Mirages arrived late (scenario variable rule), but traded altitude for speed and used afterburner to make up the time.  The inexperienced green pilot missed the airfield w/ bombs, but Veteran pilot Dan Sever hit the mark, and then pilot adjusted coming off the bomb run to get into point-blank position behind a MiG-21 for the first kill of the day.

The dogfight swirled around Al Thamada as the remaining two MiGs were chased around by a swarm of Ouragons itching to fire some guns.  Dan Sever flew his Mirage around, collecting MiG kills, but not before the final MiG got an Atoll missile shot off into an unsuspecting Ouragon for a direct hit kill.  The Egyptians at the base saw three of their own fall for one Israeli attack plane.

Final score 17-4 for an Israeli victory.  Campaign summary is 21-19 favoring Israel. 

See all the Photos from the game in the Gallery.

Next up on May 5 is an Egyptian counter-attack on Israeli troops in the Sinai.

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