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Battle of Calabria or The Italian Job

Posted by Rob on January 26, 2012 at 12:20 AM

Thanks to Joe & Stephen for running a fantastic B&P game night for us this past Monday.

We've decided to switch to the fourth Monday of each month to change things up a bit.  This first outing on a Monday was a resounding success with 12 gamers showing up (record high) and even two lady guests (a record first).

The battle was fun and decisive.  Joe & Stephen setup a historical matchup from the 1940 period in the Mediterranean between the British and the Italians.  As an Italian destroyer squadron commander, I anticipated a short-life expectancy.

I'll leave the battle after action report to others (or see the photo album), but wanted to add some color to the blog for the awarding of highest honors by the Commando Supremo to the Capitan of the destroyer Ugolino Vivaldi.  Capitan Boyardee took his destroyer to point-blank range of British Battleship Malaya at great risk to his ship's olive oil storage locker and delivered a successful torpedo attack which led to the destruction of the Royal Navy's capital ship.  Vivaldi survived the battle, returning to Naples for a long overdue refit of the galley with a new pasta maker.



The play-by-play looked something like this...

32 Italian Vessels and 26 British would begin the battle. Before battles end, 12 Italian and 15 British would join Davy Jones at the bottom of the Mediterranean.


  • Turn 1 - WARSPITE fires at CAESARE at 26000 yds and scores hit! Swordfish Sqdrn chased off by CAVOUR. Smoke laid by multiple DDs.
  • Turn 3 - Wops continue to get pounded...Brits finally lose a DD.
  • Turn 3 - VIVALDI pumps torpedo into MALAYA at point blank range!
  • Turn 4 - MALAYA blasts GARIBALDI to kingdom come at 400 yards!
  • Turn 5 - MALAYA, surrounded by 11 Italian surface units, takes another torpedo from BARBIANO and is finished off by BOLZANO.
  • Turn 8 – Italians achieve MAJOR Victory - WARSPITE riddled by 5 torpedoes from Italian DDs. Sinks like a rock. … Winston will be pissed.


Final Point Total: Italians 185 – Brits 99



We've posted some of the files used to setup and run this game.  Check out the Documents page.

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