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Battle of Lanzerath Ridge - The Aftermath

Posted by Andy on January 5, 2012 at 12:25 AM

On December 19th we celebrated the holidays Houston Beer & Pretzels style, in style, with no less than nine guys showing up, with eight hanging around until late playing our ode to the Battle of the Bulge, the Battle of Lanzerath Ridge.



Using Flames of War and forces and terrain drawn from Robs and my collection, we set up and ran a custom scenario, based on a new Roadblock mission I created, to recreate one of the iconic desparate and stubborn American defensive efforts that occured on December 16th, 1944.


Rob led a German contingent of three commanders against Chris, Sam, and three other Allied commanders as elements of the 3rd Fallschirmjaeger Division assaulted and eliminated the American I&R Platoon defending the Lanzerath crossroads, while another FJ platoon started climbing the nearby ridge.



American infantry behind the ridge rallied quickly from their initial surprise and began moving forward to meet the German threat.  Meanwhile, the German forces saw the early arrival of a pair of Pumas, forming the vanguard of Peiper's follow-up SS forces.


As one platoon of FJ completed clearing Lanzerath, the second on the ridge came under an early counterattack, and eventually succumbed to the assaults of an American Rifle Platoon and recently arrived Sherman platoon a couple of turns later.


In short order, the first of the SS Panzergrenadiers began arriving, the first group riding on the back of a StuG platoon, latter infantry hopping rides on a Panther platoon.  By turn five the last of the SS arrived in the form of a King Tiger, and this signified the onset of Dusk.  Two turns later we were using the Darkness rules and by game's end there was a tank duel near the rear objective, between Panthers and the Tiger II and some Shermans, including some 76mm Jumbo's, that eventually resulted in a broken American company.



Everyone had a great time, got to enjoy some good company, good Saint Arnold's Christmas Ale and other libations, dinner, and, overall, a wonderful evening.


Here's to a successful and enjoyable new year of Houston Beer & Pretzel Wargaming in 2012!!!

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